Asisa is nowadays the point of reference in the Spanish Private Heath Care.
It´s the company which has been chosen freely by the biggest number of people. The most personalized service, the best professional team and the latest medical tecnology, at the service of diagnostic and treatment, ensure that Asisa provides the best quality in health assistance.

More than 30 years of experience, 36.000 doctors and health proffesionals, 1.500.000 insured people. 16 clinics with an offer of 1.400 beds, 600 clinics and arranged medical centers; 10 millions medical visits a year, 100 offices for insured people and a turnover in the year 2000 of 84.000 millions ptas.

But all this would be worthless without you, because in Asisa& YOU ARE THE NUMBER ONE.

To face this challenge, some years ago Asisa began a close cooperation with "Policlínico San Carlos" which finally ended in 1989 with the complete adquisition of the parent company. Since then, "clínica San Carlos" has undergone a stopless process of improvement of its equipment and facilities. At present, "Clínica San Carlos" has became the only private clinic able to satisfy the sanitary demand of the Marina Alta area.


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