At the Clínica San Carlos the slogan we are European has become a reality long ago, defined by the following facts:

In general 30% of our patients are foreigners and in some areas the percentage may be up to 50%.

28% of the babies who were born at our facilities last year had a non-Spanish European citizenship.

Nowadays, Denia has a foreign community of more than 10.000 people, above 20% of its present population, with a sharp increase during the summer season.

Beside, we offer the best infrastructure to provide services such as insurance authorization procedures, agreements with foreign companies, collaboration in repatriations and a new Service of Communication with professional translators in English, German, French, Italian and Dutch.
In sum, we always have in mind that the main purpose of Clínica San Carlos is to provide our patients with an integrated offer, apart from their nationalities, in a whole health and human service which satisfies the highest standards to be required to a modern and truly European Clinic of the 21st century

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