The Hemodialysis area is one of the main medical services in the clinic. In fact, it is the only private unit of this kind with in a radius of 50 kilometres.
This unit has 21 places for hemodialysis allowing the whole variety of dialysis treatment for patients, from the conventional bicarbonate to the online technique.
There is also a private laboratory in the clinic for those patients who wish to know their clinic situation in advance. Besides, patients will have all the extra services they need in order to make their sessions as amusing and comfortable as possible.

As for Radiology is concerned, we have started a new X-ray diagnosis unit with very high technology equipment.
This new unit offers a very modern idea in the Valencia community: TELEMEDICINE; this is the digital connexion between San Carlos Clinic and the Moncloa Clinic in Madrid. This is quite and innovating idea which allows the consultation of patients in real time between local doctors and professionals in Madrid.

San Carlos Clinic has carried out a deep and extensive improvement in the rest of medical services offered.
We try our best in succeeding to give our patients the most complete and modern medical care, apart from the personalized and friendly care you´ll receive from our professional staff. All this makes San Carlos Clinic one the best private clinics in the whole region.
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